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 Notre défi est celui d’apprendre à travailler avec tous les champs du corps et de l’esprit et  permettra à ceux qui nous consulte de continuer à aller de l’avant et retrouver un bien-être.


Do you constantly feel stressed out ? That events are impacting you on a daily basis? That your body is telling you it is tired? Then our health weeks are made for you!
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Privilege & Discovery:
April 28- May 3, 2024


Returning to Magnano means reconnecting with the silence of this place, the beauty of what is offered to us with such care and delicacy. Surrounded by highly skilled therapists who take care of us while offering us keys to an independence of well-being. I arrived feeling very tired, but I left feeling refreshed and full of energy. Thank you so much! I'm 84 and I feel so at home in this group and this atmosphere of all ages.


I found it incredible to have access to so many different treatments and therapeutic approaches, whether massage, nutrition or Qi Gong, and to feel deep down that this diversity is complementary and inseparable.


A marvellous trip, of high quality, very well organized in an idyllic location, with a beautiful coherence in the different activities that I experienced in a relaxed way: care, didactic moments, various exchanges, beautiful programs of conviviality, also of leisure, of constant listening and accompaniment, without forgetting the appropriate food. All of which fulfilled and enriched me both physically and psychologically. And, the icing on the cake, the sun was with us all week long.


Continuing Education

To flesh out your tools, combat compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma, as well as guide you into well-being and vitality.

Therapeutic support

Specialized in psychotraumatology and mind-body approaches, Sabrina Alberti, Thérèse Cuttelod and Laurence de Vargas Oddo offer individualized accompaniment to meet your personal needs.
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Thérèse Cuttelod

Federally recognized psychotherapist
Psychologist FSP, certified in psychological first aid FSP/RNAPU, specialized in psychotraumatology, Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner

Laurence de Vargas Oddo

Psychologist FSP
Psychologist specialized in child and adolescent psychology FSP, certified in psychological first aid FSP/RNAPU, Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner

Sabrina Alberti

Psychologist FSP
Certified in psychological first aid FSP/RNAPU, Physiotherapist, Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, Certified Adult Trainer

Prochaines dates

Retrouvez toutes les prochaines dates de nos formations et de nos cours.

Magnano, Italy
The birth process with Nadja Boni, Psychologist-Psychotherapist

October 24-26th, 2024 Information to come

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Espace Solâme, Lausanne
Crystal Pass Workshop with Sam Moore
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Supervision test

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Cours de gestion du risque

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