The regeneration experience,
a health cure

General information

The heart of the health cure takes place over 6 days, in a residential setting, with the central objective of bringing you an exclusive experience to take care of your well-being and enable a real transformation at the deepest level of yourself, both somatically, psychically, and energetically.

➔ The Privilege stay is our flagship program. It includes a personalized program of 2-3 treatments a day, group activities as well as individualized support throughout the entire process. This week allows you to release the imprints of the past, regenerate body and mind and leave with tools to move forward and develop your full potential.

➔ The Relaunch stay is designed for people who have already participated in the Privilege stay and wish to support and boost their transformation process. Less intensive than the Privilège stay, it offers more moments of relaxation and return to calm.

➔ The Discovery stay is designed as a time for oneself, accompanied by a dietary program, daily Qi Gong and didactic workshops, as well as 6 individual treatments supporting a return to self and balance.

Preparation before your stay

As soon as you register, you'll receive recommendations on food preparation, which ideally begins 4 weeks before your stay.
The Privilege and Relaunch packages also include a telephone interview or videoconference to help us target your needs and desires and help you define your intentions for this stay. This exchange will enable us to prepare your personalized holistic care program, which you will discover on arrival by meeting the team of health professionals.

The stay

Your daily program will include individual treatments as well as five different group activities for the Privilege package and two for the Relaunch and Discovery packages. As the week progresses, you'll be able to add treatments, as the Privilege formula allows you to do so at no extra cost.

The after-stay

In the Privilege package, the experience ends a few weeks after your departure, with an interview by phone or videoconference to review your experience. We will then answer any questions you may have about what you have discovered during your stay and the resources you have decided to put in place in a sustainable way in your life.


A typical day of the stay

7:30 AM

Morning walk

8:00 AM


8:30 AM

Qi Gong

9:30 AM-12:30 PM

Body, energy or Somatic Experiencing® treatments

12:45 PM


2:15-5:15 PM

Body, energy or Somatic Experiencing® treatments

5:30 PM

Group meeting

7:00 PM

End-of-day update

7:30 PM

Evening meal

9:00 PM


The team of therapists

Designed by Sabrina Alberti, Thérèse Cuttelod and Laurence de Vargas Oddo, these health cures are the fruit of our experience and knowledge as psychologists, enriched by our training in holistic and energetic medicine at the Four Winds School, founded by Alberto Villoldo.

Our challenge is to learn to work with the body, the mind as well as the energies that are related to them. Our wish is that health be addressed in a comprehensive and coordinated way, placing the person at the center and supporting him or her to take concrete actions to prevent disease or to live at its best if it occurs.

We have put together a team that allows us to approach holistic health through as many doors as possible, giving access to the domains of the physical body, the emotions and energetics.

Les psychologues et fondatrices


Psychologue FSP


Psychologue FSP

Thérèse Cuttelod

Psychothérapeute reconnue au niveau fédéral
Toutes les trois spécialisées dans les approches psychocorporelles ainsi que dans la psychotraumatologie, nous offrons des regards complémentaires de part nos parcours différents. Pour des prestations de qualité pendant la cure de santé, nous nous associons à des professionnels d'horizon divers.
Sam Gordon Moore

He uses crystals to cleanse and activate the energy flow in the spine and body.

Marie-Bernard Reymond

With an invitation to explore your most inner self, she leads you on sound journeys, and offers massages and energetic work.

Pascale Schmied

She practices traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, acupressure, Dao Yin, and QiGong.

Maxine Bodart

She practices with a holistic understanding of the body, integrating various body techniques.

Alex Rahmatulins

He invites us to a culinary experience through a selection of menus combining the pleasure of the senses with nutritional rules supporting regeneration.

Frédérique Fournier

She practices meridian, relaxing and sports massages as well as lymphatic drainage and Breuss Method back massage and energy treatments.

Joëlle Massy

She practices relaxing massages, relaxing plantar massage, pericardial release, energy treatments and bio-resonance.

Caroline Clerc

She practices acupuncture, cupping medicine, Chinese body and facial aesthetics (aculifting), moxibustion, auriculotherapy and joint tuina.

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